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Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor was born in Sydney in 1952. After showing an aptitude for drawing in his youth, he commenced formal training


Wykeham Perry

Born in 1936, Wykeham Perry is a mainly self-taught artist. Although developing a definate style of his own, he admired and


Georges Maximilien Petit

My full name is Georges Maximilien Petit and I was born in November on the island of Java in Indonesia. My father was French


Johannes Karl Schulz

Johannes Karl Schulz has been painting professionally for more than 50 years. He studied under the Sulman Prize winning


Nick Petali

The roads of the Australian outback have been an endless studio for Nick Petali. Leading the life of a Gypsy, he has travelled, putting

Reinis Zusters

Reinis Zusters

Reinis Zusters was born to Latvian parents in Odessa, Russia and died in Wentworth Falls, NSW. Before Zusters turned two years

Roman Serla

Roman Serla was born in 1958 and started his art experience in 1977, after attended painting study at the Art Academy. He travelled all over the beautiful countries in Europe and in the US, always searching for inspiration.

His works represent almost all the art subjects, displaying his love for the fantastic corners, villages and landscapes of Italy, Europe and all over the world. He also