Nick Petali

Nick Petali

The roads of the Australian outback have been an endless studio for Nick Petali. Leading the life of a Gypsy, he has travelled, putting his brush to work, interpreting from the vantage point of a unique lifestyle… Reflecting personality and feelings… vagabond, larrikin and artist.

Gypsy Nick’s paintings, reflecting the individuality of the man, portray his love of the colour of his adopted land… the burning sun…the dryness of the outback… the inundation and flooding that the long awaited rain often brings.

A Petali painting is independent and creative. It describes an island continent that stands apart. Each work is individual, as singular as the man whose philosophy is to travel the road, living each day as though it were his last.

His slogan “Have brush – will travel”, mirrors his extreme lifestyle. When his brush travels the surface of a white artboard or canvas, the result is the recording of the heritage of a country large desolate, breath taking and isolated, often called “the sunburnt country”.

Nick, who is in his 70’s, is currently enjoying the warmer climates of the Eastern Coast with his wife, but he still puts oils to canvas on a daily basis. Nick’s paintings have gained a strong following in Japan in recent years, commanding prices in the thousands of dollars and many tourists who visit him or see his works, choose a Petali original as either a gift or souvenir.

Nick has never been greedy. He paints for personal enjoyment and to give others a bit of Australia at down to earth prices. He does not need the money. To Nick money is not important. He is simply happy making others happy. Nick Petali is a true gentleman in every sense