Georges Maximilien Petit

Georges Maximilien Petit

My full name is Georges Maximilien Petit and I was born in November on the island of Java in Indonesia. My father was French and my mother was Dutch Indonesian and I do have three siblings. My career as a Contemporary, Impressionist artist started at the young age of five, progressing and constantly changing due to changing countries and environments. I lived and went to school in Holland where we had a Hotel giving me plenty of subjects to practise on followed by living in Brazil where I attended classes at the Faculdade the Bellas Artes. I had my first two-man exhibition of traditional paintings at age 15 with a fellow artist at the National Library de Santa Maria. Not long after my first exhibition my family and I moved to Australia for family reasons and I continued studying art in Canberra and then Interior Design and Art in Adelaide. In Adelaide I went through my wild years had a bad car accident putting me in hospital for 2plus months, one year to recouperate after which I took up ballroom dancing (bronze) and received a diploma in modeling and to do commercials. Not long after I decided to return to Canberra and once back in Canberra modeling kick started me and in 1975 I started work at The Australian National Gallery as one of the twenty or so staff, at the time, within the Conservation Department and became a Section Head but did resign after 8 years.

The experience was good and very interesting, some of the people I did meet were accomplished well known artists such as, Fred Williams, Christo, James Gleeson etc. whilst working with James Mollison the Director and other interesting staff members. Working in that environment gave me inspiration and I worked more having one-man exhibitions and entered many group exhibitions with fellow artists and friends like Michael Salmon, Prohart, Ken Taber, Richard Bogusz, Hal Barton, John Guy, Leo Smaniotto and others. My many moves and changing life styles did contribute in making me a, ”versatile artist”. After resigning from the ANG I did other things to stay alive and which became more intense after I married and had a baby son, a beautiful boy who turned out to be a good, smart and successful man. All this was happening on the Gold Coast, I was a husband and father I worked as a scuba diver, actor/extra, security guard and started having exhibitions. After my divorce I picked up my life by getting a Diploma in Make-Up Artistry but found myself a job being a Limo driver.

Wanting more I got back into the arts and ended up on the SunShine Coast where I did my first real portait making me realize I could paint portraits so I decided to do a portrait of the famed author Colleen McCullough Robinson to enter in the Archibald Portrait Prize Art Award competition and spend some time with her on Norfolk Island. I came close but did not win. Colleen now has three of my portraits in her private collection. In the late ninetees I went back to Canberra but came back to the SunShine Coast. Since I came back I have done many portraits of well known public figures of which some I entered in the Archibald and Doug Moran competitions, Ric Robinson, Al Grassby, Iron Man Grant Kenny, Lisa Curry-Kenny, Pauline Hanson, Paula Stafford, Phill McConnell and others. Ita Buttrose I got on with OK but just missed out on painting her portrait for reasons I wished I knew but...? I have entered many other competitions doing landscapes, seascapes, abstracts and other, many successful some not. Not long after returning to the SSC, Coolum Beach my first exhibition was an Erotic and interesting one with some spunk, which woke up the still sleepy SunShine Coast Community giving me great pleasure. During the same time I did write philosophic poetry and romantic poetry as the pen sometimes took over from the brush to put across my views and philosophies explaining the art of living as my father did in his book, ''L'art de vivre''.

My poetry and some of my work that was published you will find on Back on the Sunshine Coast I have been doing my art, portraits, commissions paintings and murals for restaurants and I had my own wall at the airport on the Sunshine Coast which came to an end due to renovations. I have received prizes and recommendations and other but that is not the reason I paint - I do it to get there where it is for real. My work is represented in private and public collections, locally, nationally and overseas.